Man pages for rTensor
Tools for Tensor Analysis and Decomposition

as.tensorTensor Conversion
cpCanonical Polyadic Decomposition
cs_foldColumn Space Folding of Matrix
cs_unfold-methodsTensor Column Space Unfolding
dim-methodsMode Getter for Tensor
extract-methodsExtract or Replace Subtensors
fnorm-methodsTensor Frobenius Norm
foldGeneral Folding of Matrix
hadamard_listList hadamard Product
head-methodsHead for Tensor
hosvd(Truncated-)Higher-order SVD
initialize-methodsInitializes a Tensor instance
innerProd-methodsTensors Inner Product
k_foldk-mode Folding of Matrix
khatri_raoKhatri-Rao Product
khatri_rao_listList Khatri-Rao Product
kronecker_listList Kronecker Product
k_unfold-methodsTensor k-mode Unfolding
load_orlORL Database of Faces
matvec-methodsTensor Matvec Unfolding
modeMean-methodsTensor Mean Across Single Mode
modeSum-methodsTensor Sum Across Single Mode
mpcaMultilinear Principal Components Analysis
Ops-methodsConformable elementwise operators for Tensor
plot_orlFunction to plot the ORL Database of Faces
print-methodsPrint for Tensor
pvdPopulation Value Decomposition
rand_tensorTensor with Random Entries
rs_foldRow Space Folding of Matrix
rs_unfold-methodsTensor Row Space Unfolding
rTensor-packageTools for tensor analysis and decomposition
show-methodsShow for Tensor
tail-methodsTail for Tensor
Tensor-classS4 Class for a Tensor
t-methodsTensor Transpose
t_multTensor Multiplication (T-MULT)
tperm-methodsMode Permutation for Tensor
t_svdTensor Singular Value Decomposition
t_svd_reconstructReconstruct Tensor From TSVD
ttlTensor Times List
ttmTensor Times Matrix (m-Mode Product)
tuckerTucker Decomposition
unfold-methodsTensor Unfolding
unmatvecUnmatvec Folding of Matrix
vec-methodsTensor Vec
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