Man pages for rTorch
R Bindings to 'PyTorch'

all_dimsAll dims
as_booleanConvert tensor to boolean type
dataset_mnist_digitsMNIST database of handwritten digits
dim.torch.TensorDimensions of a tensor
dot-torch.TensorSubtract two tensors
equals-.torch.TensorCompares two tensors if equal
grapes-.-times-grapes#' @export "round.torch.Tensor" <- function(input) # round:...
grapes-times-times-grapesMatrix/Tensor multiplication of two tensors
greater-than-equals-.torch.TensorIs a tensor greater or equal than another tensor
greater-than-.torch.TensorA tensor greater than another tensor
install_pytorchInstall PyTorch and its dependencies
install_torch_extrasInstall additional Python packages alongside PyTorch
is_tensorIs the object a tensor
length.torch.TensorLength of a tensor.
less-than-equals-.torch.TensorIs a tensor less or equal than another tensor
less-than-.torch.TensorIs a tensor less than another tensor
log10.torch.TensorLogarithm of a tensor in base 10
log2.torch.TensorLogarithm of a tensor in base 2
logical_andLogical AND of two tensors
logical_notLogical NOT of a tensor
logical_orLogical OR of two tensors
log.torch.TensorLogarithm of a tensor given the tensor and the base
make_copyMake copy of tensor, numpy array or R array
modulesMain PyTorch module
not_equal_toCompare two tensors if not equal
one_tensor_opOne tensor operation
plus-.torch.TensorAdd two tensors
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rTorchPyTorch for R
shapeTensor shape
slash-.torch.TensorDivide two tensors
sub-.torch.TensorSubset tensors with '['
tensor_opsTwo tensor operations
times-.torch.TensorTensor multiplication
torch_configTorch configuration information
torch_extract_optsTensor extract options
torch_sizeSize of a torch tensor object
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