Man pages for rWind
Download, Edit and Include Wind and Sea Currents Data in Ecological and Evolutionary Analysis

arrowDirArrow direction fitting for Arrowhead function from "shape"...
flow.dispersionCompute flow-based cost or conductance
flow.dispersion_intCompute flow-based cost or conductance
rWind-packageDownload, edit and include wind and sea currents data in...
seaOscar.dlOSCAR Sea currents data download
tidy.rWind_seriesTransforming a rWind_series object into a data.frame
uv2dsTransform U and V components in direction and speed and vice...
wind2rasterWind-data to raster file
wind2raster_intWind-data to raster file
wind.dataWind data example
wind.dlWind-data download
wind.dl_2Wind-data download
wind.meanWind-data mean
wind.seriesWind series example
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