radar: Fundamental Formulas for Radar

Fundamental formulas for Radar, for attenuation, range, velocity, effectiveness, power, scatter, doppler, geometry, radar equations, etc. Based on Nick Guy's Python package PyRadarMet

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AuthorJose' Gama [aut, cre], Nick Guy [aut]
Date of publication2014-12-02 17:04:26
MaintainerJose' Gama <rxprtgama@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

ApertureWeightingFunctionsAntenna: Antenna Characteristics for Aperture Weighting Functions

AttenuationAbsCoeff: Absorption coefficient of a spherical particle

AttenuationExtCoeff: Extinction coefficient of a spherical particle

AttenuationScatCoeff: Scattering coefficient of a spherical particle

ConversiondBZ2Z: Conversion from dBZ (log) units to linear Z units

ConversionZ2dBZ: Conversion from linear Z units to dBZ (log) units

DopplerDilemma: Doppler dilemma

DopplerFmax: Maximum frequency given PRF

DopplerFreq: Frequency given wavelength

DopplerPulseDuration: Pulse duration from pulse length

DopplerPulseLength: Pulse length from pulse duration

DopplerRmax: Maximum unamiguous range

DopplerVmax: Nyquist velocity, or maximum unambiguous Doppler velocity (+...

DopplerVmaxDual: Doppler velocity from dual PRF scheme radar (+ or -)

DopplerVshift: Adjusted Doppler velocity from a mobile platform

DopplerWavelength: Wavelength given frequency

ElectronicWarfareFrequencyBands: Electronic Warfare Frequency Bands

GeometryBeamBlockFrac: Partial beam blockage fraction

GeometryHalfPowerRadius: Half-power radius

GeometryRangeCorrect: Half-power radius

GeometryRayHeight: Center of radar beam height calculation

GeometryReffective: Effective radius calculation

GeometrySampleVolGauss: Sample volume assuming transmitted energy in Gaussian beam...

GeometrySampleVolIdeal: Sample volume (idealized) assuming all power in half-power...

kConstantSpeedOfLight: Constant speed of light

SystemAntEffArea: Antenna effective area

SystemFreq: Frequency given wavelength

SystemGainPratio: Antenna gain via power ratio

SystemNormXsecBscatterSphere: Normalized Backscatter cross-sectional area of a sphere using...

SystemPowerReturnTarget: Power returned by target located at the center of the antenna...

SystemPowerTarget: Power intercepted by target

SystemRadarConst: Radar constant

SystemSizeParam: Size parameter calculation

SystemThermalNoise: Thermal noise power

Systemwavelength: Wavelength given frequency

SystemXsecBscatterSphere: Backscatter cross-sectional area of a sphere using the...

VariablesCDR: Circular depolarization ratio

VariablesHDR: Differential reflectivity hail signature

VariablesLDR: Linear depolarization ratio

VariablesRadVel: Radial velocity

VariablesReflectivity: Radar reflectivity

VariablesZDP: Reflectivity difference

VariablesZDR: Differential reflectivity


ApertureWeightingFunctionsAntenna Man page
AttenuationAbsCoeff Man page
AttenuationExtCoeff Man page
AttenuationScatCoeff Man page
ConversiondBZ2Z Man page
ConversionZ2dBZ Man page
DopplerDilemma Man page
DopplerFmax Man page
DopplerFreq Man page
DopplerPulseDuration Man page
DopplerPulseLength Man page
DopplerRmax Man page
DopplerVmax Man page
DopplerVmaxDual Man page
DopplerVshift Man page
DopplerWavelength Man page
ElectronicWarfareFrequencyBands Man page
GeometryBeamBlockFrac Man page
GeometryHalfPowerRadius Man page
GeometryRangeCorrect Man page
GeometryRayHeight Man page
GeometryReffective Man page
GeometrySampleVolGauss Man page
GeometrySampleVolIdeal Man page
kConstantBoltz Man page
kConstantP0 Man page
kConstantR43 Man page
kConstantRe Man page
kConstantSLP Man page
kConstantSpeedOfLight Man page
SystemAntEffArea Man page
SystemFreq Man page
SystemGainPratio Man page
SystemNormXsecBscatterSphere Man page
SystemPowerReturnTarget Man page
SystemPowerTarget Man page
SystemRadarConst Man page
SystemSizeParam Man page
SystemThermalNoise Man page
Systemwavelength Man page
SystemXsecBscatterSphere Man page
VariablesCDR Man page
VariablesHDR Man page
VariablesLDR Man page
VariablesRadVel Man page
VariablesReflectivity Man page
VariablesZDP Man page
VariablesZDR Man page

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