radiant.data: Data Menu for Radiant: Business Analytics using R and Shiny

The Radiant Data menu includes interfaces for loading, saving, viewing, visualizing, summarizing, transforming, and combining data. It also contains functionality to generate reproducible reports of the analyses conducted in the application.

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AuthorVincent Nijs [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-04-25 05:53:56 UTC
MaintainerVincent Nijs <radiant@rady.ucsd.edu>
LicenseAGPL-3 | file LICENSE
https://github.com/radiant-rstats/radiant.data, https://radiant-rstats.github.io/docs

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Man pages

add_class: Convenience function to add a class

as_character: Wrapper for as.character

as_data_frame: Exporting as_data_frame

as_distance: Distance in kilometers or miles between two locations based...

as_dmy: Convert input in day-month-year format to date

as_dmy_hm: Convert input in day-month-year-hour-minute format to...

as_dmy_hms: Convert input in day-month-year-hour-minute-second format to...

as_duration: Wrapper for lubridate's as.duration function. Result...

as_factor: Wrapper for factor with ordered = FALSE

as_hm: Convert input in hour-minute format to time

as_hms: Convert input in hour-minute-second format to time

as_integer: Convert variable to integer avoiding potential issues with...

as_mdy: Convert input in month-day-year format to date

as_mdy_hm: Convert input in month-day-year-hour-minute format to...

as_mdy_hms: Convert input in month-day-year-hour-minute-second format to...

as_numeric: Convert variable to numeric avoiding potential issues with...

as_tibble: Exporting as_tibble

as_ymd: Convert input in year-month-day format to date

as_ymd_hm: Convert input in year-month-day-hour-minute format to...

as_ymd_hms: Convert input in year-month-day-hour-minute-second format to...

avengers: Avengers

center: Center

changedata: Change data

ci_label: Labels for confidence intervals

ci_perc: Values at confidence levels

combinedata: Combine datasets using dplyr's bind and join functions

copy_all: Source all package functions

copy_attr: Copy attributes from on object to another

copy_from: Source for package functions

cv: Coefficient of variation

data_frame: Exporting data_frame

describe: Show dataset desription, if available, in html form in...

diamonds: Diamond prices

does_vary: Does a vector have non-zero variability?

dtab: Method to create datatables

dtab.explore: Make a tabel of summary statistics in DT

dtab.pivotr: Make a pivot tabel in DT

empty_level: Convert categorical variables to factors and deal with...

explore: Explore data

factorizer: Convert character to factors as needed

filterdata: Filter data with user-specified expression

find_dropbox: Find a user's dropbox folder

flip: Flip the DT table to put Function, Variable, or Group by on...

formatdf: Format a data.frame with a specified number of decimal places

formatnr: Format a number with a specified number of decimal places,...

getclass: Get variable class

getdata: Get data for analysis functions

getsummary: Create data.frame summary

glance: Exporting glance from broom

indexr: Find index corrected for missing values and filters

install_webshot: Install webshot and phantomjs

inverse: Calculate inverse of a variable

is_empty: Is a character variable defined

is_not: Convenience function for is.null or is.na

is_string: Is input a string?

iterms: Create a vector of interaction terms

kurtosi.re: Exporting the kurtosi function from the psych package

level_list: Generate list of levels and unique values

ln: Natural log

loadcsv: Load a csv file with read.csv and read_csv

loadcsv_url: Load a csv file with from a url

loadr: Load an rda or rds file and add it to the radiant data list...

loadrda_url: Load an rda file from a url

make_funs: Make a list of functions-as-formulas to pass to dplyr

make_train: Generate a variable used to selected a training sample

max_rm: Max with na.rm = TRUE

mean_rm: Mean with na.rm = TRUE

median_rm: Median with na.rm = TRUE

min_rm: Min with na.rm = TRUE

mode_rm: Mode with na.rm = TRUE

month: Add ordered argument to lubridate::month

mutate_ext: Add tranformed variables to a data frame (NSE)

mutate_if_tmp: Temporary fix for mutate_if when the predicate is false for...

n_missing: Number of missing values

normalize: Normalize a variable x by a variable y

p05: 5th percentile

p10: 10th percentile

p25: 25th percentile

p75: 75th percentile

p90: 90th percentile

p95: 95th percentile

pivotr: Create a pivot table using dplyr

plot.character: Don't try to plot strings

plot.pivotr: Plot method for the pivotr function

print.gtable: Print/draw method for grobs produced by gridExtra

prop: Calculate proportion

publishers: Comic publishers

radiant.data: radiant.data

radiant.data-deprecated: Deprecated function(s) in the radiant.data package

refactor: Remove/reorder levels

register: Register a data.frame in the datasetlist in Radiant

render: Method to render objects (i.e., htmlwidgets and rmarkdown...

render.character: Method to render rmarkdown documents

render.datatables: Method to render DT tabels

rounddf: Round double in a data.frame to a specified number of decimal...

rownames_to_column: Exporting rownames_to_column from tibble

saver: Save data.frame as an rda or rds file from Radiant

sdpop: Standard deviation for the population

sdprop: Standard deviation for proportion

sd_rm: Standard deviation with na.rm = TRUE

se: Standard error

Search: Search for a string in all columns of a data.frame

seprop: Standard error for proportion

set_attr: Alias used to add an attribute

show_duplicated: Show all rows with duplicated values (not just the first or...

sig_stars: Add stars '***' to a data.frame (from broom's 'tidy'...

skew.re: Exporting the skew function from the psych package

square: Calculate square of a variable

sshh: Hide warnings and messages and return invisible

sshhr: Hide warnings and messages and return result

standardize: Standardize

store: Method to store variables in a dataset in Radiant

store.character: Method for error messages that a user tries to store

store.data.frame: Store method for the Data > View tab

store.explore: Store method for the explore function

store.pivotr: Store method for the pivort function

summary.explore: Summary method for the explore function

summary.pivotr: Summary method for pivotr

sum_rm: Sum with na.rm = TRUE

superheroes: Super heroes

table2data: Create data.frame from a table

tibble: Exporting tibble

tidy: Exporting tidy from broom

titanic: Survival data for the Titanic

varpop: Variance for the population

varprop: Variance for proportion

var_rm: Variance with na.rm = TRUE

viewdata: View data

visualize: Visualize data using ggplot2 <URL:...

wday: Add ordered argument to lubridate::wday

weighted.sd: Weighted standard deviation

which.pmax: Returns the index of the (parallel) maxima of the input...

which.pmin: Returns the index of the (parallel) minima of the input...

xtile: Create a quintile (or decile) index


add_class Man page
as_character Man page
as_data_frame Man page
as_distance Man page
as_dmy Man page
as_dmy_hm Man page
as_dmy_hms Man page
as_duration Man page
as_factor Man page
as_hm Man page
as_hms Man page
as_integer Man page
as_mdy Man page
as_mdy_hm Man page
as_mdy_hms Man page
as_numeric Man page
as_tibble Man page
as_ymd Man page
as_ymd_hm Man page
as_ymd_hms Man page
avengers Man page
center Man page
changedata Man page
ci_label Man page
ci_perc Man page
combinedata Man page
copy_all Man page
copy_attr Man page
copy_from Man page
cv Man page
data_frame Man page
describe Man page
dfprint Man page
diamonds Man page
does_vary Man page
dtab Man page
dtab.explore Man page
dtab.pivotr Man page
empty_level Man page
explore Man page
factorizer Man page
filterdata Man page
find_dropbox Man page
flip Man page
formatdf Man page
formatnr Man page
getclass Man page
getdata Man page
getsummary Man page
glance Man page
indexr Man page
install_webshot Man page
inverse Man page
is_empty Man page
is_not Man page
is_string Man page
iterms Man page
kurtosi Man page
level_list Man page
ln Man page
loadcsv Man page
loadcsv_url Man page
loadr Man page
loadrda_url Man page
make_funs Man page
make_train Man page
max_rm Man page
mean_rm Man page
median_rm Man page
min_rm Man page
mode_rm Man page
month Man page
mutate_each Man page
mutate_ext Man page
mutate_if_tmp Man page
n_missing Man page
normalize Man page
nrprint Man page
p05 Man page
p10 Man page
p25 Man page
p75 Man page
p90 Man page
p95 Man page
pivotr Man page
plot.character Man page
plot.pivotr Man page
print.gtable Man page
prop Man page
publishers Man page
radiant.data Man page
radiant.data Man page
radiant.data-deprecated Man page
radiant.data-deprecated-package Man page
radiant.data-package Man page
refactor Man page
register Man page
render Man page
render.character Man page
render.datatables Man page
rounddf Man page
rownames_to_column Man page
saver Man page
sdpop Man page
sdprop Man page
sd_rm Man page
se Man page
Search Man page
seprop Man page
set_attr Man page
show_duplicated Man page
sig_stars Man page
skew Man page
square Man page
sshh Man page
sshhr Man page
standardize Man page
store Man page
store.character Man page
store.data.frame Man page
store.explore Man page
store.pivotr Man page
summary.explore Man page
summary.pivotr Man page
sum_rm Man page
superheroes Man page
table2data Man page
tibble Man page
tidy Man page
titanic Man page
varpop Man page
varprop Man page
var_rm Man page
viewdata Man page
visualize Man page
wday Man page
weighted.sd Man page
which.pmax Man page
which.pmin Man page
xtile Man page


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inst/app/tools/data/transform_ui.R inst/app/tools/data/manage.R inst/app/tools/data/pivotr_ui.R inst/app/tools/data/visualize_ui.R inst/app/tools/data/combine_ui.R inst/app/tools/data/explore_ui.R inst/app/tools/data/manage_ui.R inst/app/tools/data/view.R inst/app/tools/data/data_ui.R
tests/testthat/test_funs.R tests/testthat/test_examples.R
R/aaa.R R/combine.R R/explore.R R/radiant.R R/deprecated.R R/transform.R R/visualize.R R/view.R R/zzz.R R/pivotr.R
man/varpop.Rd man/superheroes.Rd man/explore.Rd man/describe.Rd man/ci_perc.Rd man/prop.Rd man/ln.Rd man/getsummary.Rd man/copy_from.Rd man/render.datatables.Rd man/level_list.Rd man/as_hm.Rd man/seprop.Rd man/median_rm.Rd man/cv.Rd man/tidy.Rd man/radiant.data-deprecated.Rd man/copy_attr.Rd man/mutate_ext.Rd man/getclass.Rd man/as_dmy_hm.Rd man/as_ymd.Rd man/changedata.Rd man/sum_rm.Rd man/diamonds.Rd man/as_numeric.Rd man/as_mdy.Rd man/xtile.Rd man/loadcsv_url.Rd man/p75.Rd man/store.data.frame.Rd man/copy_all.Rd man/factorizer.Rd man/Search.Rd man/as_dmy.Rd man/as_ymd_hms.Rd man/inverse.Rd man/p90.Rd man/skew.re.Rd man/store.Rd man/p10.Rd man/find_dropbox.Rd man/p25.Rd man/table2data.Rd man/as_dmy_hms.Rd man/as_tibble.Rd man/as_mdy_hms.Rd man/center.Rd man/sd_rm.Rd man/render.Rd man/summary.pivotr.Rd man/is_empty.Rd man/combinedata.Rd man/mutate_if_tmp.Rd man/n_missing.Rd man/sshhr.Rd man/sdpop.Rd man/store.character.Rd man/square.Rd man/store.pivotr.Rd man/tibble.Rd man/dtab.Rd man/is_string.Rd man/data_frame.Rd man/varprop.Rd man/var_rm.Rd man/loadrda_url.Rd man/rounddf.Rd man/se.Rd man/show_duplicated.Rd man/pivotr.Rd man/ci_label.Rd man/as_factor.Rd man/saver.Rd man/as_integer.Rd man/rownames_to_column.Rd man/kurtosi.re.Rd man/month.Rd man/filterdata.Rd man/as_character.Rd man/set_attr.Rd man/avengers.Rd man/publishers.Rd man/as_ymd_hm.Rd man/which.pmax.Rd man/glance.Rd man/does_vary.Rd man/loadcsv.Rd man/getdata.Rd man/which.pmin.Rd man/as_duration.Rd man/as_data_frame.Rd man/sig_stars.Rd man/plot.pivotr.Rd man/p05.Rd man/formatdf.Rd man/refactor.Rd man/max_rm.Rd man/formatnr.Rd man/iterms.Rd man/as_distance.Rd man/weighted.sd.Rd man/visualize.Rd man/radiant.data.Rd man/viewdata.Rd man/loadr.Rd man/dtab.pivotr.Rd man/normalize.Rd man/install_webshot.Rd man/render.character.Rd man/register.Rd man/sdprop.Rd man/mean_rm.Rd man/mode_rm.Rd man/indexr.Rd man/make_train.Rd man/summary.explore.Rd man/empty_level.Rd man/plot.character.Rd man/store.explore.Rd man/dtab.explore.Rd man/flip.Rd man/as_mdy_hm.Rd man/wday.Rd man/p95.Rd man/sshh.Rd man/is_not.Rd man/make_funs.Rd man/standardize.Rd man/titanic.Rd man/min_rm.Rd man/add_class.Rd man/as_hms.Rd man/print.gtable.Rd

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