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ragg: Graphic Devices Based on AGG



Anti-Grain Geometry (AGG) is a high-quality and high-performance 2D drawing library. The 'ragg' package provides a set of graphic devices based on AGG to use as alternative to the raster devices provided through the 'grDevices' package.


Maintainer: Thomas Lin Pedersen thomas.pedersen@rstudio.com (ORCID)


  • Maxim Shemanarev (Author of AGG) [copyright holder]

Other contributors:

  • Tony Juricic tonygeek@yahoo.com (Contributor to AGG) [contributor, copyright holder]

  • Milan Marusinec milan@marusinec.sk (Contributor to AGG) [contributor, copyright holder]

  • Spencer Garrett (Contributor to AGG) [contributor]

  • RStudio [copyright holder, funder]

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