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'TD Ameritrade' API Interface for R

pipePipe operator
rameritraderameritrade: A package for using the TD Ameritrade API
td_accountDataGet account balances positions, and orders returned as a list
td_auth_accessTokenAuth Step 3: Get Access Token
td_auth_loginURLAuth Step 1: Generate LogIn URL
td_auth_refreshTokenAuth Step 2: Obtain Refresh Token
td_cancelOrderCancel an Open Order
td_marketHoursGet Market Hours
td_optionChainGet Options Chain
td_orderDetailGet Details for a Single Order
td_orderSearchSearch for orders by date
td_placeOrderPlace Order for a specific account
td_priceHistoryGet price history for a multiple securities
td_priceQuoteGet Quotes for specified tickers in List form
td_symbolDetailGet ticker details
td_transactSearchSearch for all Transaction types
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