Man pages for randomForestSRC
Random Forests for Survival, Regression, and Classification (RF-SRC)

breastWisconsin Prognostic Breast Cancer Data
find.interaction.rfsrcFind Interactions Between Pairs of Variables
follicFollicular Cell Lymphoma
hdHodgkin's Disease
impute.rfsrcImpute Only Mode
max.subtree.rfsrcAcquire Maximal Subtree Information
nutrigenomicNutrigenomic Study
partial.rfsrcAcquire Partial Effect of a Variable
pbcPrimary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC) Data
plot.competing.risk.rfsrcPlots for Competing Risks
plot.rfsrcPlot Error Rate and Variable Importance from a RF-SRC...
plot.survival.rfsrcPlot of Survival Estimates
plot.variable.rfsrcPlot Marginal Effect of Variables
predict.rfsrcPrediction for Random Forests for Survival, Regression, and...
print.rfsrcPrint Summary Output of a RF-SRC Analysis
quantileReg.rfsrcQuantile Regression Forests
randomForestSRC_packageRandom Forests for Survival, Regression, and Classification...
rfsrcRandom Forests for Survival, Regression, and Classification...
rfsrc.newsShow the NEWS file
rfsrcSynSynthetic Random Forests
stat.split.rfsrcAcquire Split Statistic Information Selection
vdvvan de Vijver Microarray Breast Cancer
veteranVeteran's Administration Lung Cancer Trial
vimp.rfsrcVIMP for Single or Grouped Variables
wihsWomen's Interagency HIV Study (WIHS)
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