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A dataset compiled from a large scale data set of names providing first names by gender and ethnicity and last names by ethnicity. The dataset provides frequency probabilities from the original data set so that sampling provides a reasonable set of random names. The dataset is for use with the randomNames function to quickly generate random names that can be used, for example, to anonymize results.




A list of first and last names by gender and ethnicity (first names) and ethnicity (last names) Gender is coded 0 for male and 1 for female, ethnicity is coded 1 for American Indian or Native Alaskan, 2 for Asian or Pacific Islander, 3 for Black (not Hispanic), 4 for Hispanic, and 5 for White (not Hispanic). For example, the array first_names_e1_g0 in randomNamesData provides first and associated frequency probabilities for male, American Indians or Native Alaskans.


Large scale state data

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