Man pages for randomUniformForest
Random Uniform Forests for Classification, Regression and Unsupervised Learning

as.supervisedConversion of an unsupervised model into a supervised one
autoMPGAuto MPG Data Set
bCIBootstrapped Prediction Intervals for Ensemble Models
biasVarCovBias-Variance-Covariance Decomposition
breastCancerBreast Cancer Wisconsin (Original) Data Set
carEvaluationCar Evaluation Data Set
clusterAnalysisCluster (or classes) analysis of importance objects.
clusteringObservationsCluster observations of a (supervised) randomUniformForest...
combineUnsupervisedCombine Unsupervised Learning objects
ConcreteCompressiveStrengthConcrete Compressive Strength Data Set
fillNA2.randomUniformForestMissing values imputation by randomUniformForest
generic.cvGeneric k-fold cross-validation
getTree.randomUniformForestExtract a tree from a forest
importance.randomUniformForestVariable Importance for random Uniform Forests
init_valuesTraining and validation samples from data
internalFunctionsAll internal functions
mergeClustersMerge two arbitrary, but adjacent, clusters
model.statsCommon statistics for a vector (or factor) of predictions and...
modifyClustersChange number of clusters (and clusters shape) on the fly
partialDependenceBetweenPredictorsPartial Dependence between Predictors and effect over...
partialDependenceOverResponsesPartial Dependence Plots and Models
partialImportancePartial Importance for random Uniform Forests
plotTreePlot a Random Uniform Decision Tree
postProcessingVotesPost-processing for Regression
predict.randomUniformForestPredict method for random Uniform Forests objects
randomUniformForestRandom Uniform Forests for Classification, Regression and...
randomUniformForest-packageRandom Uniform Forests for Classification, Regression and...
reSMOTEREplication of a Synthetic Minority Oversampling TEchnique...
rm.treesRemove trees from a random Uniform Forest
roc.curveROC and precision-recall curves for random Uniform Forests
rUniformForest.bigRandom Uniform Forests for Classification and Regression with...
rUniformForest.combineIncremental learning for random Uniform Forests
rUniformForest.growAdd trees to a random Uniform Forest
simulationDataSimulation of Gaussian vector
splitClustersSplit a cluster on the fly
unsupervised.randomUniformForestUnsupervised Learning with Random Uniform Forests
update.unsupervisedUpdate Unsupervised Learning object
wineQualityRedWine Quality Data Set
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