rangeBuilder: Occurrence Filtering, Geographic and Taxonomic Standardization and Generation of Species Range Polygons

Provides tools for filtering occurrence records, generating alpha-hull-derived range polygons and mapping species richness.

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AuthorPascal Title
Date of publication2016-10-03 23:10:18
MaintainerPascal Title <ptitle@umich.edu>

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addRasterLegend Man page
closestCountry Man page
coordError Man page
crotalus Man page
downloadDates Man page
filterByLand Man page
filterByProximity Man page
flipSign Man page
getAcceptedFromSynonym Man page
getAcceptedNames Man page
getDynamicAlphaHull Man page
getExtentOfList Man page
getRepDBcountries Man page
getRepDBcountryList Man page
getRepDBSpFromCountry Man page
getSynonymsFromAccepted Man page
gshhs Man page
queryGISD Man page
rangeBuilder Man page
rangeBuilder-package Man page
reptileDatabaseCountries Man page
richnessRaster Man page
standardizeCountry Man page
synonymMatch Man page
transparentColor Man page

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