RankControlFootrule-class: RankControlFootrule Class

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A S4 class for the Footrule distance model fitting. It is derived from class RankControl-class.



maximum number of EM iteration


convergence error for weights and cluster probabilities in EM iteration


maximum number of iterations in the local search of pi0.


a function object that gives a goodness of fit criterion. The default is log likelihood.


a logical value. If TRUE (by default), immediately traverse to the neighbour if it is better than the current pi0. Otherwise, check all neighbours and traverse to the best one.


a logical value. If TRUE, the location of the current pi0 is shown.


a character string specifying which type of neighbour to use in the local search. Supported values are: "Cayley" to use neighbours in terms of Cayley distance or "Kendall" to use neighbours in terms of Kendall distance. Note that Kendall neighbours are a subset of Cayley neighbours

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RankData, RankInit, RankControl

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