Man pages for rapsimng
APSIM Next Generation

append_modelappend a model into apsimx
available_modelsList all available models in APSIM NG
get_cultivarGet all cultivar parameters in a model
get_metfileGet the met file name for an experiment
get_parentGet the parent node from a path
get_simulationsGet simulations for a factorial experiment
insert_modelInsert a model into apsimx
insert_modelsInsert models into apsimx
keep_simulationsKeep simulations for a factorial experiment
minimum_apsimngCreate the minimum requirements to run an APSIM Next...
new_modelCreate a new model
read_apsimxRead APSIMX file
remove_modelRemove a model with new values
replace_modelReplace a model with new values
run_modelsRun apsimx file using Models.exe
search_nodeFind element(s) in apsimx file
search_pathFind a model in the apsimx file using specified path
set_parameter_valueSet a parameter with a new value
update_cultivarTitle Update the cultivar parameters
write_apsimxWrite APSIMX file
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