Man pages for rbefdata
BEFdata R package

bef.mediawiki.api.defineBasic Mediawik API with one task to retrieve descriptions
bef.optionsSet or query otions related to the BEFdata R package.
bef.portal.api.dataset_infoBasic access to the BEFdata portal XML API.
bef.portal.api.proposal_infoThis function returns the information available for a paper...
bef.portal.attach.to_datasetAttach a freeformat file to a dataset
bef.portal.attach.to_proposalAttach a freeformat file to a paper proposal
bef.portal.get.attachmentsDownload attachment files of a dataset in BEFdata portal
bef.portal.get.categories_forGet a data groups categories as data frame (data admin...
bef.portal.get.datasetFetch primary data from a BEFdata portal dataset.
bef.portal.get.datasets.for_keywordFetch a list of datasets for a keyword
bef.portal.get.datasets.for_proposalFetch primary data in CSV format from a BEFdata portal...
bef.portal.get.keywordsFetch keywords from a BEFdata portal.
bef.portal.get.metadataGet the metadata of a dataset from the BEFdata portal
bef.portal.update.datasetUpdate a dataset already on BEFdata portal
bef.portal.upload.categoriesUpload a category set
bef.portal.upload.datasetUpload a dataset to the BEFdata portal
bef.portal.vizualize.keywordsVizualization functions to your BEFdata portal
bef.tematres.apiBasic tematres API via rtematres
rbefdata-defunctDefunct functions in package rbefdata
rbefdata-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package rbefdata
rbefdata-packageA package to fetch datasets and metadata information from a...
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