Man pages for rbi
R Interface to LibBi

absolute_pathAbsolute Path
add_blockAdd a block to a LibBi model
assert_outputCheck that a LibBi wrapper has valid output
attach_fileAttach a new file to a 'libbi' object
bi_contentsBi contents
bi_dim_lenNetCDF dimension length
bi_file_summaryNetCDF File Summary
bi_generate_datasetBi Generate Dataset
bi_modelBi Model
bi_openBi open
bi_readBi Read
bi_writeCreate (init or observation) files for LibBi
clean_modelStrip model code to its bare bones
Extract.bi_modelSubset and replace model lines
extract_sampleExtract a sample from a 'LibBi' run.
filterUsing the LibBi wrapper to filter
find_blockFind a block in a LibBi model
fixFix noise term, state or parameter of a libbi model
get_blockGet the contents of a block in a LibBi model
get_nameGet the name of a bi model
get_tracesGet the parameter traces
insert_linesInsert lines in a LibBi model
is_emptyCheck if a model is empty
joinJoin multiple 'libbi' objects
libbiLibBi Wrapper
logLikUsing the LibBi wrapper to logLik
netcdf_create_from_listCreate NetCDF File from R list
obs_to_noiseCopy obs variables to state variables (with '__sample_'...
optimiseUsing the LibBi wrapper to optimise
option_listConvert string to option list
option_stringConvert Options
predictUsing the LibBi wrapper to predict
printPrint the lines of a LibBi model
propose_priorPropose from the prior in a libbi model
rbi-packageRBi - R interface for 'libbi'
read_libbiRead results of a 'LibBi' run from an RDS file. This...
remove_linesRemove line(s) and/or block(s) in a libbi model
replace_allReplace all instances of a string with another in a model
rewriteUsing the LibBi wrapper to rewrite
runUsing the LibBi wrapper to launch LibBi
sampleUsing the LibBi wrapper to sample
save_libbiWrite results of a 'LibBi' run to an RDS file
set_nameSet the name of a bi model
summaryPrint summary information about a 'libbi' object
var_namesGet variables
write_modelWrites a bi model to a file.
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