Man pages for rbison
Interface to the 'USGS' 'BISON' API

all_statesData for a states map
bisonSearch for and collect data from the USGS Bison API.
bison_datauseGet BISON data use agreement details and examples for how to...
bisonmapMake map to visualize BISON data.
bison_providersGet information about BISON data providers.
bison_solrSearch for and collect occurrence data from the USGS Bison...
bison_statsGet statistics about BISON downloads.
bison_taxSearch for and collect taxonomic name data from the USGS...
fipsFips codes for states and counties
is.bisonCheck if object is of class bison
is.bison_solrCheck if object is of class bison_solr
rbison-packagerbison is an interface to the USGS Bison API.
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