Man pages for rcanvec
Access and Plot CanVec and CanVec+ Data for Rapid Basemap Creation in Canada

canvec.cachedirGet Cache Directory
canvec.cleanupRemove CanVec Data Files
canvec.defaultoptionsGet Default Options For Plotting Layers
canvec.downloadDownload and Extract CanVec or CanVec+ Data
canvec.exportExport CanVec Data
canvec.findlayerGet File Prefix of a CanVec Layer
canvec_layersCanvec Layers
canvec.loadLoad CanVec Data
canvec.loadfromdirLoad CanVec Data From Directory
canvec.plotPlot CanVec Spatial Data
canvec.qplotQuickly Plot Canvec Data
canvec.urlGet CanVec or CanVec+ data URL
ntsGenerate NTS References
nts.bboxGet Bounding Box of an NTS Reference
nts.bybboxGet NTS References by Bounding Box
nts.idatGet NTS Reference At A Location
nts.SCALE250KA constant denoting NTS Map Area (1:250k) scale (1) @export
nts.SCALE50KA constant denoting NTS Map Sheet (1:50k) scale (2) @export
nts.SCALESERIESA contstant denoting NTS Series scale (0)
ntsstringGenerate NTS Reference Strings
rcanvec-packageFind, load, and plot Canadian vector basemap data
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