Man pages for rcarbon
Calibration and Analysis of Radiocarbon Dates

as.CalGridConvert data to class CalGrid.
barCodesPlot the median values of calibrated radiocarbon dates or...
BCADtoBPConvert BC/AD dates to BP format
binMedComputes the median date of each bin
binPrepBinning function of radiocarbon dates.
binsenseBin sensitivity Plot
BPtoBCADConvert BP dates to BC/AD format
calibrateCalibrate radiocarbon dates
emedydRadiocarbon dates for the Eastern Mediterranean around the...
euroevolRadiocarbon dates from the EUROEVOL database
medCalComputes the median date of calibrated dates
mixCurvesCreates mixed terrestrial/marine calibration curves.
modelTestMonte-Carlo simulation test for SPDs
p2pTestPoint to point test of SPD
permTestRandom mark permutation test for SPDs
plot.CalDatesPlot calibrated dates
plot.CalGridPlot a summed probability distribution (from a CalGrid...
plot.CalSPDPlot a summed probability distribution
plot.spatialTestPlot results of the local spatial permutation test of summed...
plot.spdGGPlot 'spdGG' class objects
plot.SpdModelTestPlot result of Monte-Carlo simulation of observed versus...
plot.SpdPermTestPlot result of mark permutation test of SPDs
rcarbonrcarbon:Calibration and analysis of radiocarbon dates
reScaleRescale a numeric vector to a specified minimum and maximum
runMeanCalculate a running mean from a numeric vector.
smoothGaussSmooth a numeric vector using a Gaussian window
spdSummed probability distributions (SPD) of radiocarbon dates.
spd2ggCompute geometric growth rates from SPDs
SPpermTestSpatial Permutation Test of summed probability distributions.
spweightsCompute weights from distance matrix
summary.CalDatesSummarise a 'CalDates' class object
summary.SpdModelTestSummarise a 'SpdModelTest' class object
summary.SpdPermTestSummarise a 'SpdPermTest' class object
uncalibrateUncalibrate (back-calibrate) a calibrated radiocarbon date...
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