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Calibration and Analysis of Radiocarbon Dates

as.CalDatesConvert to a CalDates object
as.CalGridConvert data to class CalGrid.
as.UncalGridConvert data to class UncalGrid.
barCodesPlot the median values of calibrated radiocarbon dates or...
BCADtoBPConvert BC/AD dates to BP format
binMedComputes the median date of each bin
binPrepBinning function of radiocarbon dates.
binsenseBin sensitivity Plot
BPtoBCADConvert BP dates to BC/AD format
calibrateCalibrate radiocarbon dates
ckdeComposite Kernel Density Estimates of Radiocarbon Dates
combineCombine multiple CalDates Class Objects into one.
emedydRadiocarbon dates for the Eastern Mediterranean around the...
euroevolRadiocarbon dates from the EUROEVOL database
ewdatesSubset of EUROEVOL radiocarbon dates from Great Britain
ewowinPolygonal window of England and Wales
gaussWGaussian weighting of dates relative to
hpdiComputes the highest posterior density interval (HPDI) for...
medCalComputes the median date of calibrated dates
mixCurvesCreates mixed calibration curves.
modelTestMonte-Carlo simulation test for SPDs
multiplotPlot multiple dates
p2pTestPoint to point test of SPD
permTestRandom mark permutation test for SPDs
plot.CalDatesPlot calibrated dates
plot.CalGridPlot a summed probability distribution (from a CalGrid...
plot.CalSPDPlot a summed probability distribution
plot.compositeKDEPlots a Composite Kernel Density Estimate of sampled...
plot.spatialTestPlot results of the local spatial permutation test of summed...
plot.SpdModelTestPlot result of Monte-Carlo simulation of observed versus...
plot.SpdPermTestPlot result of mark permutation test of SPDs
plot.spdRCPlot 'spdRC' class objects
plot.stackCalSPDPlot a stack of SPDs
plot.stKdePlot map(s) of the spatio-temporal intensity of radiocarbon...
poolDatesCombine radiocarbon ages from the same event.
rcarbonrcarbon:Calibration and analysis of radiocarbon dates
rcarbon-deprecatedDeprecated functions.
reScaleRescale a numeric vector to a specified minimum and maximum
runMeanCalculate a running mean from a numeric vector.
sampleDatesSample random calendar dates
smoothGaussSmooth a numeric vector using a Gaussian window
spdSummed probability distributions (SPD) of radiocarbon dates.
spd2rcComputes rates of change from SPDs
spkdeMap the spatial intensity of a set of radiocarbon dates for a...
SPpermTest-deprecatedSpatial Permutation Test of summed probability distributions.
sptestSpatial Permutation Test of summed probability distributions.
spweightsCompute weights from distance matrix
stackspdStacked Summed Probability Distribution
stkdeMap the spatio-temporal intensity of a set of radiocarbon...
subset.CalDatesSubsetting calibrated dates
summary.CalDatesSummarise a 'CalDates' class object
summary.SpdModelTestSummarise a 'SpdModelTest' class object
summary.SpdPermTestSummarise a 'SpdPermTest' class object
thinDatesSampling function to select a maximum number of dates per...
transformSPDApply taphonomic corrections or other transformations to an...
uncalibrateUncalibrate (back-calibrate) a calibrated radiocarbon date...
which.CalDatesWhich indices for calibrated dates
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