Man pages for rccmisc
Miscellaneous R Functions for Swedish Regional Cancer Centers

as_numericTest object for, or coerce to, numeric
best_matchTries to correct misspelling of character string
change_col_nameChange one column name of a data.frame
clean_textClean/standardize text
create_s3_methodTemplate functions to generate basic S3 methods for new...
cut.integerConvert integer vector to Factor
exceed_thresholdCheck if transformation/coercing of a vector is good enaough
findvarFind variables by name
is.incaAre we running on INCA?
is.scalar_inTest if scalar is in intervall
is.wholenumberTest if a numeric vector consists of whole numbers
lownamesMake all names in data.frame lower case
make_r_scriptDump skript together with all functions from package
psumParallel sum
rccmiscMiscellaneous R functions for the Regional Cancer Centers
safe_ifelseA safe alternative to ifelse
specify_missingSpecify missing values for a vector
widthCalculate the width of the range of x
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