Man pages for rco
The R Code Optimizer

all_optimizersAll optimizers list.
max_optimizersMax optimizers list.
opt_common_subexprOptimizer: Common Subexpression Elimination.
opt_constant_foldingOptimizer: Constant Folding.
opt_constant_propagationOptimizer: Constant Propagation.
opt_dead_codeOptimizer: Dead Code Elimination.
opt_dead_exprOptimizer: Dead Expression Elimination.
opt_dead_storeOptimizer: Dead Store Elimination.
optimize_filesOptimize '.R' files.
optimize_folderOptimize a folder with '.R' files.
optimize_textOptimize text containing code.
opt_loop_invariantOptimizer: Loop-invariant Code Motion.
rco_guirco GUI selector.
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