Man pages for rcongresso
Wraps the API for the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies

fetch_deputadoRetrieves details about a deputy
fetch_despesas_deputadoFetches expenditures from deputy using its id
fetch_id_proposicaoRetrieves the proposition ID from its type, number and year
fetch_orientacoesFetches the positions of a group on a voting
fetch_proposicaoFetches proposition from API using a query
fetch_proposicao_from_votacaoFinds the id of the proposition to which a given voting...
fetch_status_proposicaoRecovers the proposition status in the parlament
fetch_tipo_proposicaoFetches the type of the proposition from its id
fetch_ultimo_status_deputadoFetches the last information about the deputy's mandate
fetch_votacaoFetches details about a voting
fetch_votacoesFetches all the votings which a proposition went through
fetch_votosFetches individual votes from a voting
get_votos_partidosFetches the positions by party on a voting
rcongressorcongresso: R Package to access Brazil's national congress...
ultima_votacaoGets the last voting on a given voting
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