Man pages for rcqp
Interface to the Corpus Query Protocol

corpusCreate a corpus object
cqi_attributesList the available attributes
cqi_attribute_sizeGet the size of an attribute
cqi_corpus_infoInfo about a corpus
cqi_cpos2idConvert a corpus position
cqi_dump_subcorpusHandle subcorpora
cqi_fdistFrequency distributions
cqi_full_nameFull name of a corpus
cqi_id2cposConvert the ID of an item
cqi_list_corporaList of available corpora
cqi_list_subcorporaList of currently defined subcorpora
cqi_queryQuery an indexed corpus
cqi_regex2idFind IDs by regular expression
cqi_struc2cposConvert structural indices
cqp_flistCreate a frequency list
cqp_ftableCreate a frequency table
cqp_kwicCreate a "keyword in context" list with a subcorpus.
cqp_registryThe CQP registry
printPrint a CWB object
region_sizesSize of regions of a structural attribute.
sizeSize of a corpus or subcorpus
sort.cqp_kwicSort a kwic list
subcorpusCreate a subcorpus.
subsetExtracting/addressing an attribute from a corpus.
summaryPrint summary for CWB objects.
tokensPrint values of cqp attribute
write.cqp_corpusSave a CWB corpus in a file in tabular representation
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