brain: Brain Cancer Microarray Data

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The brain data contains two objects: brain.x, microarray expression data for 42 brain cancer samples and brain.y, the class labels for these samples.




An expression data matrix (42x5597) brain.x and a class label vector (42) brain.y for 42 samples.


brain.y is the class labels of the 42 samples. brain.x is the microarray expression data matrix with each row representing a sample.


Pomeroy, S. et al. (2002) Prediction of Central Nervous System Embryonal Tumor Outcome Based on Gene Expression. Nature, Vol 415, p436-442. The data set is available at


Guo, Y. et al. (2004) Regularized Discriminant Analysis and Its Application in Microarrays, Technical Report, Department of Statistics, Stanford University.

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