rdomains: Classify Domains Based on Their Content

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The package provides a few ways to classify domains based on their content. You can either get the categorizations from shallalist (which has stopped its service --- the latest you will get is from 1/14/22), trusted (McAfee), DMOZ (the service has ended; available at curlie), Alexa API, which uses the DMOZ Data (now hosted at, or virustotal API, or use validated machine learning models based off the shallalist data.


To get the current release version from CRAN:


To get the current development version from GitHub:

# install.packages("devtools")
devtools::install_github("themains/rdomains", build_vignettes = TRUE)


To learn how to use rdomains, launch the vignette within R:

vignette("rdomains", package = "rdomains")


Scripts are released under the MIT License.

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