rdpower-package: rdpower: Power and Sample Size Calculations for RD Designs

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The regression discontinuity (RD) design is a popular quasi-experimental design for causal inference and policy evaluation. The 'rdpower' package provides tools to perform power and sample size calculations in RD designs: rdpower() calculates the power of an RD design and rdsampsi() calculates the required sample size to achieve a desired power. This package relies on the rdrobust package. See Calonico, Cattaneo and Titiunik (2014, 2015) and Calonico, Cattaneo, Farrell and Titiunik (2017). For more details, and related Stata and R packages useful for analysis of RD designs, visit https://sites.google.com/site/rdpackages.


Matias Cattaneo, Princeton University. cattaneo@princeton.edu

Rocio Titiunik, Princeton University. titiunik@princeton.edu

Gonzalo Vazquez-Bare, UC Santa Barbara. gvazquez@econ.ucsb.edu


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