Man pages for rdwd
Select and Download Climate Data from 'DWD' (German Weather Service)

addBordersadd country and Bundesland borders to a map
checkIndexcheck indexes
checkSuggestedPackagecheck suggested package for availability
createIndexCreate file and meta index of the DWD CDC FTP Server
dataDWDDownload data from the DWD CDC FTP Server
DEUMap of German states (Bundeslaender) from GADM through the...
dirDWDdirectory management for rdwd
dwdbaseDWD FTP Server base URL
dwdparamsDWD parameter explanations
EURMap of Western European countries through the 'rworldmap'...
findIDfind DWD weather station ID from name
indexIndexes of files and metadata on the DWD CDC FTP server
indexFTPCreate a recursive index of an FTP Server
lldistdistance between lat-long coordinates
localtestdirlocal test data directory
metaInfoInformation for a station ID on the DWD CDC FTP server
nearbyStationsFind DWD stations close to given coordinates
newColumnNamesEnhance readDWD column names
plotRadarplot radar products on a pretty map
projectRasterDWDproject DWD raster data
rdwdHandle Climate Data from DWD (German Weather Service)
readDWDProcess data from the DWD CDC FTP Server
readDWD.ascread dwd gridded radolan asc data
readDWD.binaryread dwd gridded radolan binary data
readDWD.dataread regular dwd data
readDWD.metaread dwd metadata (Beschreibung*.txt files)
readDWD.multiaread multi_annual dwd data
readDWD.ncread dwd netcdf data
readDWD.radarread dwd gridded radolan radar data
readDWD.rasterread dwd gridded raster data
readDWD.standread subdaily/standard_format dwd data
readMetaProcess data from the DWD CDC FTP Server
readVarsProcess data from the DWD CDC FTP Server
release_questionsReminders when using devtools::release
rowDisplayCreate leaflet map popup from data.frame rows
runLocalTestsrun local tests of rdwd
selectDWDSelect data from the DWD CDC FTP Server
updateIndexesupdate rdwd indexes
updateRdwdUpdate rdwd development version
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