Man pages for re2r
RE2 Regular Expression

cash-.re2_matrixGet a match group
get_expression_sizeGet pre-compiled regular expression program size
get_named_groupsReturn capturing names for a pre-compiled regular expression.
get_number_of_groupsReturn the number of capturing subpatterns
get_optionsGet options of a pre-compiled regular expression
get_patternThe string specification for this RE2.
get_program_fanoutGet program fanout
get_simplifySimplify pattern strings.
is_re2c_naCheck NA pattern
print.re2cPrint information about a pre-compiled regular expression
print.re2_matrixPrint information about a re2_matrix
quote_metaEscapes all potentially meaningful regexp characters in...
re2Create a pre-compiled regular expression
re2_countCount the number of matches in a string.
re2_detectTest a pattern in strings, and return boolean.
re2_extractExtract matching patterns from a string.
re2_locateLocate the position of patterns in a string.
re2_matchFind matched groups from strings.
re2_replaceReplace matched patterns in a string.
re2_splitSplit a string into pieces.
re2_subsetKeep strings matching a pattern.
show_regexShow regex pattern in a htmlwidget
sub_stringExtract and replace substrings from a character vector.
UNANCHOREDAnchors for pattern
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