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Streamlined Table Styling and Formatting for Reactable

add_icon_legendAdd an icon legend to a reactable table
add_legendAdd a legend to a reactable table
add_sourceAdd a source below a reactable table
add_subtitleAdd a subtitle above a reactable table
add_titleAdd a title above a reactable table
background_imgEmbed a background image from web to rows of a reactable...
bubble_gridBuild a customizable bubble grid chart
cell_styleAdd custom styles to cells
ceruleanTheme cerulean
cleanTheme clean
color_scalesAdd color scales to cells in a column
color_tilesAdd color tiles to cells in a column
cosmoTheme cosmo
cyborgTheme cyborg
darkTheme dark
darklyTheme darkly
data_barsAdd horizontal bars to cells in a column
data_bars_gradientAdd horizontal gradient bars to rows in a column
data_bars_pos_negAdd horizontal bars to rows in a column containing positive...
defaultTheme default
embed_imgEmbed image from web to cells in a column
espnTheme espn
fivethirtyeightTheme fivethirtyeight
flatlyTheme flatly
gauge_chartDisplay numeric values in a gauge chart
google_fontApply a font from Google Fonts <> to...
group_border_sortAdd a styled border beneath rows of specified groups on sort....
group_merge_sortHide rows containing duplicate values on sort. Must be placed...
highlight_barsColor of highlight used in 'react_sparkbar'.
highlight_maxHighlights the maximum value in a column
highlight_minHighlights the minimum value in a column
highlight_min_maxHighlights the minimum and maximum value in a column
highlight_pointsColor of points used in 'react_sparkline'.
hoverdarkTheme hoverdark
hoverlightTheme hoverlight
htmlApply HTML attributes to title, subtitle, and source text.
icon_assignAssign icons to cells in a column
icon_setsAdd colored icons to cells in a column
journalTheme journal
luxTheme lux
marginMargin dimensions.
merge_columnMerge two columns together in a specified arrangement.
midnightTheme midnight
midnightblueTheme midnightblue
mintyTheme minty
no_linesTheme no_lines
nytimesTheme nytimes
pffTheme pff
pill_buttonsSurround text or numeric values in a colored pill button
pos_neg_colorsAssign colors to negative and positive values
reactablefmtr-packagereactablefmtr: Streamlined Table Styling and Formatting for...
react_sparkbarAdd a sparkline bar chart to a reactable table
react_sparklineAdd a sparkline line chart a reactable table
sandstoneTheme sandstone
sanfranTheme sanfran
save_reactable_testSave a reactable table as an image or .html file
slateTheme slate
spacelabTheme spacelab
sunriseTheme sunrise
superheroTheme superhero
tooltipApply a tooltip to cells.
voidTheme void
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