Man pages for reclin
Record Linkage Toolkit

add_from_xAdd variables from data sets to pairs
comparatorsComparison functions
compare_pairsCompare all pairs of records
deduplicate_equivalenceDeduplicatin using equivalence groups
filter_pairs_for_deduplicationRemove pairs which do not have to be compared for...
greedyGreedy one-to-one matching of pairs
linkUse the selected pairs to generate a linked data set
linkexampleTiny example dataset for probabilistic linkage
match_n_to_mForce n to m matching on a set of pairs
pair_blockingGenerate pairs using simple blocking
predict.problink_emCalculate weights and probabilities for pairs
problink_emCalculate EM-estimates of m- and u-probabilities
score_problinkScore comparison patterns of pairs using the probabilistic...
score_simsumScore pairs by summing the similarity vectors
select_n_to_mSelect matching pairs enforcing one-to-one linkage
select_thresholdSelect pairs for linkage using a threshold
summary.problink_emSummarise the results from 'problink_em'
tabulate_patternsCreate a table of comparison patterns
town_namesSpelling variations of a set of town names
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