Man pages for recodeflow
Interface Functions for PMML Creation, and Data Recoding

add_data_field_children_for_start_varAdd DataField child nodes for start variable.
attach_apply_nodesAttach Apply nodes to a parent node.
attach_cat_value_nodes_for_start_varAttach categorical value nodes to DataField node for start...
attach_cont_value_nodes_for_start_varAttach continuous Value nodes for start variable.
attach_derived_field_child_nodesAttach child nodes to DerivedField node.
attach_range_value_nodesAttach Value nodes to DataField node. Used when 'recFrom' has...
build_data_field_for_start_varBuild DataField node for start variable.
build_data_field_for_varBuild DataField node for variable.
build_derived_field_nodeBuild DerivedField node.
build_derived_field_value_nodeBuild Value node for DerivedField node.
build_missing_const_nodeBuild Constant node for a missing value for a variable.
build_numeric_derived_field_apply_nodeBuild Apply node with singleton numeric for DerivedField...
build_ranged_derived_field_apply_nodeBuild Apply node with interval nodes for DerivedField node.
build_trans_dictBuild a TransformationDictionary node.
build_variable_field_ref_nodeBuild FieldRef node for variable.
compare_value_based_on_intervalCompare Value Based On Interval
create_id_rowID role creation
create_label_list_elementCreate label list element
example_der_funexample_der_fun caluclates chol*bili
format_recoded_valueRecode NA formatting
get_data_variable_nameGet Data Variable Name
get_margin_closureGet closure type for a margin.
get_marginsExtract margins from character vector.
get_start_var_nameGet variable name from variableStart using database name.
get_var_details_row_indicesGet all variable details row indices for a variable.
get_var_details_rowsGet all variable details rows for a variable and database...
get_variable_type_data_typeGet data type for variable type.
get_var_sheet_rowGet variable row from variable sheet.
is_equalChecks whether two values are equal including NA
is_left_openExtract margins from character vector.
is_numericCheck if a character object can be converted to a number.
is_rec_from_rangeCheck if recFrom is a range for a variable details row.
is_right_openExtract margins from character vector.
recode_to_pmmlCreates a PMML document from variable and variable details...
rec_with_tableRecode with Table
select_vars_by_roleVars selected by role
set_data_labelsSet Data Labels
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