Man pages for reconstructKM
Reconstruct Individual-Level Data from Published KM Plots

add_clicksAdd clicks to subdistribution curves for reconstructing CIC
CIC_reconstructReconstruct cumulative incidence curves
format_raw_tabsFormat raw survival and NAR tables so they are ready for...
integrate_survdatIntegrate area under curve for single arm
KM_reconstructReconstruct digitized Kaplan-Meier curves and generate...
nonparam_rmstCalculate RMST for each arm as well as contrast
pbo_clicksPembrolizumab example OS KM reconstruction clicks - placebo...
pbo_NARPembrolizumab example OS NAR table - placebo arm
pembro_clicksPembrolizumab example OS KM reconstruction clicks -...
pembro_NARPembrolizumab example OS NAR table - pembrolizumab arm
print_cox_outputsPrint outputs from Cox regression
remove_clicksRemove clicks from subdistribution curves for reconstructing...
weibull_rmstRMST using Weibull fit
weimle1Fit Weibull distribution parameters using MLE
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