Man pages for recorder
Toolkit to Validate New Data for a Predictive Model

compress_detailed_testsCompress Results of Detailed Tests
concatenate_test_failuresConcatenate Validation Test Failures Descriptions
create_test_results_dfCreate Data Frame with Test Results
create_tests_meta_dataCreate Meta Data of Validation Tests
get_clean_rowsGet Clean Rows
get_failed_testsGet Failed Tests
get_failed_tests_stringGet Failed Tests as a String
get_tests_meta_dataGet Meta Data of Validation Tests in a Data Frame
ignoreIgnore Certain Test Results
ignore_colsIgnore Test Results from Tests of Specific Columns
ignore_combinationsIgnore Test Results from Specific Tests of Specific Columns
ignore_testsIgnore Results from Specific Tests
iris_newdataSimulated Iris New Data
order_by_testsOrder Test Results by Test Names
playValidate New Data by Playing a Data Tape on It Data Playback
recordRecord Statistics and Meta Data of Variables in Training Data
record.characterRecord Statistics and Meta Data of a Character Statistics and Meta Data of a Data Frame
record.defaultRecord Statistics and Meta Data
record.factorRecord Statistics and Meta Data of a Factor
record.integerRecord Statistics and Meta Data of an Integer
record.numericRecord Statistics and Meta Data of a Numeric
run_validation_testsRun Validation Tests on Variable in New Data
run_validation_tests.characterRun Validation Tests on Character
run_validation_tests.defaultRun Validation Tests on Variable
run_validation_tests.factorRun Validation Tests on Factor
run_validation_tests.integerRun Validation Tests on Integer
run_validation_tests.numericRun Validation Tests on a Numeric
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