Reco: Constructing a Recommender System Object

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This function simply returns an object of class "RecoSys" that can be used to construct recommender model and conduct prediction.




Reco() returns an object of class "RecoSys" equipped with methods $train(), $tune(), $output() and $predict(), which describe the typical process of building and tuning model, exporting factorization matrices, and predicting results. See their help documents for details.


Yixuan Qiu <>


W.-S. Chin, Y. Zhuang, Y.-C. Juan, and C.-J. Lin. A Fast Parallel Stochastic Gradient Method for Matrix Factorization in Shared Memory Systems. ACM TIST, 2015.

W.-S. Chin, Y. Zhuang, Y.-C. Juan, and C.-J. Lin. A Learning-rate Schedule for Stochastic Gradient Methods to Matrix Factorization. PAKDD, 2015.

W.-S. Chin, B.-W. Yuan, M.-Y. Yang, Y. Zhuang, Y.-C. Juan, and C.-J. Lin. LIBMF: A Library for Parallel Matrix Factorization in Shared-memory Systems. Technical report, 2015.

See Also

$tune(), $train(), $output(), $predict()

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