Man pages for refseqR
Common Computational Operations Working with RefSeq Entries (GenBank)

refseq_AAseqExtract the amino acid sequence into a Biostrings object
refseq_CDScoordsExtract the coding sequences (CDS) coordinates from a XM...
refseq_CDSseqExtract the CDS nucleotide sequence into a Biostrings object
refseq_descriptionGet the sequence Description
refseq_fromGeneGet the mRNA or protein accession
refseq_fromXMGet mRNA features
refseq_geneSymbolGet the gene symbol
refseq_mol_wtExtract the molecular weigth from an XP accession
refseqRrefseqR: Common computational operations working with GenBank
refseq_XMfromXPGet the XM accession from XP accession
refseq_XPfromXMGet the XP accession from XM accession
refseq_XPlengthGet the protein length from an XP accession
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