Man pages for regsem
Regularized Structural Equation Modeling

cv_regsemThe main function that runs multiple penalty values.
extractMatricesThis function extracts RAM matrices from a lavaan object.
fit_indicesCalculates the fit indices
multi_optimMultiple starts for Regularized Structural Equation Modeling
parse_parametersTakes either a vector of parameter ids or a vector of named...
plot.cvregsemPlot function for cv_regsem
rcpp_fit_funCalculates the objective function values.
rcpp_grad_ramCalculates the gradient vector based on Von Oertzen & Brick,...
rcpp_quasi_calcCompute quasi Hessian
rcpp_RAMmultTake RAM matrices, multiplies, and returns Implied Covariance...
regsemRegularized Structural Equation Modeling. Tests a single...
summary.cvregsemprint information about cvregsem object
summary.regsemSummary results from regsem.
xmed_catFunction to performed exploratory mediation with categorical...
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