remindR-package: Insert, extract, and print text "reminders"

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remindR is a simple package to insert, extract, and print text "reminders" either in source code comments or as the "comment" attribute of any R object.


The primary intent is to allow addition and retrieval of informal text notes to oneself or collaborators during code development. These could be reminders about argument requirements, changes or additions to make, the structure of the function's returned value, required options settings, etc. – basically anything that one wants to note. Generally such reminders will be ephemeral and brief. They are not intended as detailed development specifications.

It is also possible to use such notes as minimal help "tooltips" for users. To facilitate this, the "remind<-" insertion and remind extraction functions wrap R's comment functionality to use the "comment" attribute of any R object as a list of reminders.


Maintainer: Bert Gunter

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