Man pages for repec
Access RePEc Data Through API

areyouthereVerifies whether the server is alive
getauthornepGet the NEP fields for the papers of an author
getauthorrecordfullProvides info about author, mostly in the form of handles
getauthorrecordrawProvides extended info about author
getauthorsforitemGet Authors for an item
getauthorshortidGet Short-ID and name from string in name or email
getauthorstatsProvides Author's statistics
getauthortwitterProvides Twitter handle
getfirstpubyearProvides Author's first publication year
getgenealogyProvides Author's genealogy
gethindexProvides H-index
getinstrecordGet record of Institution
getjelforitemGet JEL codes for item
repec_api_with_idGeneric API call, with an ID
repec-packagerepec: access RePEc data through API
testipVerifies whether the connection is performed from the...
whatismyipReturns the IP address you use to call the API
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