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Patches to Use 'dplyr' on Remote Data Sources

addConstantColumnAdd constant to a table.
buildJoinPlanBuild a join plan
dplyr_src_to_db_handleObsolete with dplyr 0.7.0 and forward
example_employeeAndDatebuild some example tables
executeLeftJoinPlanExecute an ordered sequence of left joins.
expandColumnExpand a column of vectors into one row per value of each...
gapplygrouped ordered apply
grapes-land-grapesLand a value to variable from a pipeline.
inspectDescrAndJoinPlancheck that a join plan is consistent with table descriptions
key_inspector_all_colsReturn all columns as guess at preferred primary keys.
key_inspector_postgresqlReturn all primary key columns as guess at preferred primary...
key_inspector_sqliteReturn all primary key columns as guess at preferred primary...
keysAreUniqueCheck uniqueness of rows with respect to keys.
makeJoinDiagramSpecBuild a drawable specification of the join diagram
replyrreplyr: Patches to Use dplyr on Remote Data Sources
replyr_add_idsAdd unique ids to rows. Note: re-arranges rows in many...
replyr_apply_f_mappedApply a function to a re-mapped data frame.
replyr_arrangearrange by a single column
replyr_bind_rowsBind a list of items by rows (can't use dplyr::bind_rows or...
replyr_check_ranksconfirm data has good ranked groups
replyr_coalesceAugment a data frame by adding additional rows.
replyr_colClassesGet column classes.
replyr_copy_fromBring remote data back as a local data frame tbl.
replyr_copy_toCopy data to remote service.
replyr_dimCompute dimensions of a data.frame (work around...
replyr_filterFilter a tbl on a column having values in a given set.
replyr_get_srcGet the "remote data source" where a data.frame like object...
replyr_group_bygroup_by columns
replyr_hasrowsCheck if a table has rows.
replyr_has_tablecheck for a table
replyr_inTestProduct a column noting if another columns values are in a...
replyr_is_local_dataTest if data is local.
replyr_is_MySQL_dataTest if data is MySQL.
replyr_is_Spark_dataTest if data is Spark.
replyr_list_tableslist tables
replyr_mapRestrictColsMap names of columns to known values and drop other columns.
replyr_ncolCompute number of columns of a data.frame (work around...
replyr_nrowCompute number of rows of a tbl.
replyr_quantileCompute quantiles on remote column (NA's filtered out) using...
replyr_quantilecCompute quantiles on remote column (NA's filtered out) using...
replyr_renameRename a column
replyr_reverseMapReverse a name assignment map (which are written...
replyr_selectselect columns
replyr_splitsplit a data item by values in a column.
replyr_summaryCompute usable summary of columns of tbl.
replyr_testColsRun test on columns.
replyr_union_allUnion two tables.
replyr_uniqueValuesCompute number of unique values for each level in a column.
tableDescriptionBuild a nice description of a table.
topoSortTablesTopologically sort join plan so values are available before...
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