Man pages for repo
A Data-Centered Data Flow Manager

repo_attachCreate a new item from an existing file.
repo_attrGet item attribute.
repo_buildBuilds a resource using the associated code chunk
repo_bulkeditEdit all items info using a text file.
repo_checkCheck repository integrity.
repo_chunkShows code chunk associated with an item
repo_copyCopy items to another repository
repo_cpanelOpen a visual interface to the repo
repo_dependenciesBuild and/or plots a dependency graph
repo_dependsReturns item's dependencies
repo_entriesLow-level list of item entries.
repo_exportExport 'repo' items to RDS file.
repo_findMatch items by matching any field
repo_getRetrieve an item from the repo.
repo_handlersProvides simplified access to repository items.
repo_hasCheck whether a repository has an item
repo_infoProvides detailed information about an item.
repo_lazydoRun expression with cache.
repo_loadLoads an item to current workspace
repo_openOpen an existing repository or create a new one.
repo_optionsSet repository-wide options
repo-packageRepo: The Data-centered Data Flow Manager
repo_piesPlots a pie chart of repository contents
repo_printShow a summary of the repository contents.
repo_projectDefines and 'put'-s a 'project' item.
repo_pullDownload item remote content
repo_putCreate a new item in the repository.
repo_relatedFinds all items related to a set of item
repo_rmRemove item from the repo (and the disk).
repo_rootShow path to repo root
repo_setEdit an existing item.
repo_stashQuickly store temporary data
repo_stashclearRemove all stashed data
repo_sysRun system call on an item
repo_tagAdd tags to an item.
repo_tagsList all tags
repo_untagRemove tags from an item.
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