Document Template


This function generates a document template for submission to the reports package to be inclusion as a template in the doc_library. This function is similar to package.skeleton.


  doc_temp( = "newDoc", doc.type = "tex",
    path = getwd())


The name of the template.


The type of report that the template will contain ("doc", "rnw", "tex" or "web"). "doc" will contain a .docx document; "rnw" and "tex" contain both doc.rnw/doc.tex and preamble.tex files; whereas "web" contains doc.rmd/.


The path to where the project should be created. Default is the current working directory.


templates must contain the following two items:

  • DESCRIPTION - A file used to keep track of users and package information. All fields must be filled in.

  • documents - A minimal working document template.

    • If doc.type = rnw - Must contain: doc.rnw (preamble included)

    • If doc.type = tex - Must contain: doc.tex and preamble.tex

    • If doc.type = rmd - Must contain: doc.rmd

    • If doc.type = docx - Must contain: doc.docx

Additional project files and directories can be stored in the inst directory. Files in this directory will be placed in the main directory of the template created by new_report

To be submitted a .tex template must run in Debian TeX Live on Linux Mint and MiKTex on Windows. After a template has been tested it can be sent as a .zip file to Please note that the template folder/directory name must end in _tex, _rnw, _web or _doc to indicate to users type of template.


Creates a document template framework for template personal use or submission.

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