Man pages for resampledata
Data Sets for Mathematical Statistics with Resampling in R

AlelagerCalories and alcohol content for ales and lagers.
BeerwingsBeer and hot wings consumption.
BookPricesPrice of hardcover textbooks from mathematics and the natural...
BushmeatBushmeat in Ghana.
Bushmeat2Bushmeat in Ghana.
CamerasPrices of a sample of point-and-shoot digital cameras.
CerealsInformation on various cereals.
ChallengerData on 23 Challenger flights.
ChiMarathonMenData on Marathon times.
corrExerciseACorrelation Exercise A p.294
corrExerciseBCorrelation Exercise B p.294
Diving2017Diving times in 2017
FatalitiesRandom sample of 100 driver fatalities in 2009 in...
FishMercuryMercury levels (parts per million) for 30 fish caught in...
FlightDelaysInformation on 4029 United and American airlines departures...
Girls2004Random sample of 40 baby girls born in Alaska and 40 baby...
GSS2002Results from 2002 General Society Survey.
GSS2006Results from 2006 General Society Survey.
IceCreamCalorie information for a sample of brands of chocolate and...
ILBoysIL Boys
IlliteracyData on a sample of countries where female illiteracy is more...
LotteryWinning numbers for the daily games from May 5, 2010 through...
MathAnxietyMath Anxiety
MaunaloaData on average CO2 levels (ppm) for the month of May from...
MnGroundwaterMeasurements on water quality of 895 randomly selected wells...
MobileAdsMobile Ads.
NasdaqNASDAQ Data.
NBA1617NBA 2016-2017 data.
NCBirths2004Random sample of 1009 babies born in North Carolina during...
Olympics20122012 Olympics Data.
Phillies2009Data from the 2009 season for the baseball team of the...
QuakesTime between earthquakes (in days).
RangersTwins2016Rangers/Twins 2016 Baseball Data.
ReadingChildren's reading abilities.
RecidivismRecidivism data.
resampledataresampledata: Data Sets for Mathematical Statistics with...
ServiceService times (in minutes) for 174 customers at a college...
SkateboardSkateboarding data
Skating2010Scores from the short program and free skate for men's figure...
SpruceStudy of factors affecting the growth of the black spruce.
TitanicData on male passengers on the Titanic.
TurbineWind Speeds (m/s) from Carleton College Turbine.
TXBirths2004Random sample of 1587 babies born in Texas in 2004.
VerizonRandom sample of repair times for 1664 ILEC and 23 CLEC...
WalleyeLength and weight measurements for a sample of 60 walleye...
WatertableRelationship between seedling growth and water table depth...
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