Man pages for restatapi
Search and Retrieve Data from Eurostat Database

clean_restatapi_cacheClean restatapi Cache
extract_dataExtract data values from SDMX XML
extract_dsdExtract values from XML
extract_tocExtract values from XML
get_eurostat_bulkGet Eurostat data in a standardized format
get_eurostat_cacheLoad an object from cache
get_eurostat_dataDownload/extract Eurostat Data
get_eurostat_dsdDownload the Data Structure Definition of a dataset
get_eurostat_rawGet Eurostat data as it is
get_eurostat_tocDownload the Table of Contents of Eurostat datasets
load_cfgLoad configuration data from JSON
put_eurostat_cachePut an object to cache
search_eurostat_dsdSearch the downloaded Data Structure Definition of a dataset
search_eurostat_tocSearch in Eurostat datasets titles, units and short...
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