Man pages for restriktor
Restricted Statistical Estimation and Inference for Linear Models

AngerManagementReduction of aggression levels Dataset (4 treatment groups)
BurnsRelation between the response variable PTSS and gender, age,...
ConTestfunction for informative hypothesis testing (iht)
ConTestCone-sided t-test for iht
conTest_ceqTests for iht with equality constraints only
conTestFF-bar test for iht
ConTestLRTLikelihood-ratio-bar test for iht
conTest_methodsMethods for conTest
ConTestScoreScore-bar test for iht
conTest_summaryfunction for computing all available hypothesis tests
ConTestWaldWald-bar test for robust iht
ExamRelation between exam scores and study hours, anxiety scores...
goricGeneralized Order-Restrikted Information Criterion...
HurricanesThe Hurricanes Dataset
mixingWeightsfunction for computing the chi-bar-square weights based on...
restriktorEstimating linear regression models with (in)equality...
restriktor_methodsMethods for restriktor
restriktor-packagePackage for equality and inequality restricted estimation and...
ZelazoKolb1972"Walking" in the newborn (4 treatment groups)
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