Man pages for revtools
Tools to Support Evidence Synthesis

add_line_breaksAdd line breaks to one or more strings
aggregate_tasksCombine (potentially overlapping) article sets generated by...
allocate_effortDetermine optimal way to divide articles among 2 or more...
avian_ecology_bibliographyBibliographic data from 20 papers on avian ecology
bibliography-classDescription of class 'bibliography'
bibliography-methodsMethods for class 'bibliography'
distribute_tasksDivide a set of articles among two or more reviewers
extract_unique_referencesCreate a de-duplicated data.frame
find_duplicatesLocate duplicated information within a data.frame
format_citationFormat a citation
fuzz_functionsFunctions for fuzzy string matching
make_dtmConstruct a document-term matrix (DTM)
merge_columnsrbind two or more data frames with different columns
read_bibliograpyImport bibliographic data
revtoolsrevtools: Tools to support reviews and evidence synthesis
revwordsLoad a set of stopwords
run_topic_modelCalculate a topic model
screen_abstractsShiny app for screening articles by their abstracts
screen_duplicatesShiny app for locating and excluding duplicated entries in a...
screen_titlesShiny app for screening articles by their titles
screen_topicsShiny app for screening bibliographies using topic models
screen_topics_progress-classDescription of class 'screen_topics_progress'
screen_topics_progress-methodsMethods for class 'screen_topics_progress'
tag_lookupLookup table for ris tags
write_bibliographyExport imported bibliographic data as .bib or .ris formats
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