rexpokit: R wrappers for EXPOKIT; other matrix functions

This package wraps some of the matrix exponentiation utilities from EXPOKIT (, a FORTRAN library that is widely recommended for matrix exponentiation (Sidje RB, 1998. "Expokit: A Software Package for Computing Matrix Exponentials." ACM Trans. Math. Softw. 24(1): 130-156). EXPOKIT includes functions for exponentiating both small, dense matrices, and large, sparse matrices (in sparse matrices, most of the cells have value 0). Rapid matrix exponentiation is useful in phylogenetics when we have a large number of states (as we do when we are inferring the history of transitions between the possible geographic ranges of a species), but is probably useful in other ways as well.

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AuthorNicholas J. Matzke [aut, cre, cph], Roger B. Sidje [aut, cph]
Date of publication2013-07-15 07:25:20
MaintainerNicholas J. Matzke <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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coo2mat Man page
expokit_dgexpv_Qmat Man page
expokit_dgexpv_wrapper Man page
expokit_dgpadm_Qmat Man page
expokit_dmexpv_Qmat Man page
expokit_dmexpv_wrapper Man page
expokit_mydgexpv_wrapper Man page
expokit_mydmexpv_wrapper Man page
expokit_wrapalldgexpv_tvals Man page
expokit_wrapalldmexpv_tvals Man page
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findrows_w_all_zeros Man page
mat2coo Man page
mat2coo_forloop Man page
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