Man pages for rfigshare
An R Interface to 'figshare'

fs_add_authorAdd an author to an article by ID number
fs_add_authorsAdd author to an article
fs_add_categoriesAdd a category to article
fs_add_linksAdd link to article
fs_add_tagsAdd a tag to an article
fs_authFigshare authentication via OAuth1.0 using httr
fs_author_idsGet Author IDs from names
fs_author_searchSearch for an author
fs_browseBrowse articles
fs_category_listList all categories
fs_cat_to_idHelper function that matches string categories to id's
fs_createCreate a FigShare article (draft)
fs_create_authorCreates a figshare author
fs_deleteDelete article (private or drafts only) or attached file
fs_detailsGet details for an article
fs_downloadGet details for an article
fs_embedUpload a figure to figshare and return the url
fs_idsGet a list of article id numbers from a search return
fs_image_urlget image url
fs_make_privateMake an article private (draft only?)
fs_make_publicMake an article public (for private or draft articles)
fs_new_articleCreate a FigShare article.
fs_searchAdvanced Search.
fs_updateUpdate article title, description, or type
fs_uploadUpload file to an article
fs_upload_oneUpload file to an article
plot_to_filenameConvienence function to save a ggplot2 plot, and return its...
summary_fs_detailsCollect metadata from details call
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