Man pages for rfishnet2
Exploratory Data Analysis for FishNet2 Data

fishsummarySummarize a set of records downloaded from FishNet2
get_speciesGet unique species in a given genus in dataframe.
has_tissueFilter a set of records downloaded from FishNet2 by Tissue...
heatmap_worldHeat Map of Occurrence Frequency by Country
ictaluridaeDataset of Ictaluridae Taxon from Years 2017 to 2019
louisianaDataset of Records from Louisiana from Years 2005 to 2006
occ_mapPlot Longitude and Latitude Points on World Map
plot_recordsPlots record count by Scientific Name on a bar graph.
spatial_searchFilter data by longitude and latitude.
top_n_plotsOutputs a bar graph giving the top n in frequency in...
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