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MarkLogic NoSQL Database Server in-Database Analytics for R

arithArithmetic Operators
as.character-ml.col.def-methodCast a ml.col.def-class expresion to string data from MarkLogic server based on a
as.integer-ml.col.def-methodCast a ml.col.def-class expresion to integer data in a data.frame object or create data based on a...
as.numeric-ml.col.def-methodCast a ml.col.def-class expresion to numeric. a field as a ml.col.def-class a new field as a ml.col.def-class Names of an object
Compare-ml.col.def-ANY-methodRelational Operators
cor-ml.col.def-ml.col.def-methodCorrelation Matrix
cov.popPopulation Covariance
degreesDegrees of an object the First Part of an if an object is of type ml.col.def-class if an object is of type
Math-ml.col.def-methodMiscellaneous Mathematical Functions
ml.add.indexCreates or updates a Range element index.
ml.arulesMining Association rules and Frequent Itemsets
ml.clear.databaseRemove all rfml internal files in a MarkLogic database.
ml.col.def-classAn S4 class to represent a ml.col.def.
ml.collection.infoRetrives information about a collection
ml.collectionsLists all collections in a MarkLogic Database.
ml.conn-classAn S4 class to represent a connection to a MarkLogic Server...
ml.connectCreates a connection to a MarkLogic REST server. a object S4 class to represent a
ml.init.databaseSet up a MarkLogic database for use with rfml.
ml.lmCreates a simnple linear model
ml.load.sample.dataLoad sample data set into MarkLogic server field names of a object
print-ml.col.def-methodPrints information of a ml.col.def-class object. information of a object
print.mlLmPrints information for a simnple linear model returned by...
rfmlrfml: a R wrapper for MarkLogic REST api the data of a object in MarkLogic server...
sd-ml.col.def-methodStandard Deviation
sd.popStandard Deviation of a population
show-ml.col.def-methodPrints information of a ml.col.def-class information of a object subsets of a Summaries
var.popPopulation variance
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