Generalised IP geolocation through R

Author(s: Os Keyes, Drew Schmidt License: Apache 2.0 Status: Stable Current release: 1.0.1

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IP geolocation is a powerful tool to have if you're dealing with web data, and there are a couple of R packages that provide access to specific services, such as the legacy rgeoip package or Bob Rudis's ipapi. They're all spread about and have diffing interfaces, styles and requirements.

rgeolocate aims to be a single generalised package for geolocation; if you have a source you'd like to pull from, the goal is that rgeolocate will provide a binding to it. As of the 0.8.0 release, it contains:

  1. A binding to the binary MaxMind databases;
  2. Wrappers around multiple online geolocation services (see the vignette for more)

If you have other bindings you'd like to see, open a request!

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rgeolocate depends on httr for the bindings to web databases; other than that, just base R! Thanks to the work of Drew Schmidt, rgeolocate includes the underlying binary libraries and their dependencies.

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