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gads_authAuthorization in Google Ads API
gads_auth_configureEdit and view auth configuration
gads_check_errorsHelper function for check api answer on error
gads_customerGet all information about Google Ads Customer
gads_customer_id_from_envGet customer id for error message
gads_customer_id_to_envWrite customer id for error message
gads_deauthSuspend authorization
gads_fix_namesfunction for fix names in get_report
gads_get_accessible_customersGet all data of customers directly accessible by the user...
gads_get_account_hierarchyGet Google Ads Manager Account Hierarchy
gads_get_ad_group_criterionsGet Ad Group Criterions Dictionary From Google Ads Client...
gads_get_ad_groupsGet Ad Groups Dictionary From Google Ads Client Account
gads_get_adsGet Ads Dictionary From Google Ads Client Account
gads_get_campaignsGet Campaigns Dictionary From Google Ads Client Account
gads_get_fieldsGet resource or field information.
gads_get_geo_targetsDownload CSV of geo targets
gads_get_keywordsGet Keyword Dictionary From Google Ads Client Account
gads_get_metadataGet metada of object, RESOURCE, ATTRIBUTE, METRIC or SEGMENT
gads_get_reportGet data from Google Ads API
gads_has_tokenIs there a token on hand?
gads_keyword_plan_forecast_metricsReturns the requested Keyword Plan forecasts.
gads_keyword_plan_forecast_timeseriesReturns a forecast in the form of a time series for the...
gads_keyword_plan_historical_metricsReturns the requested Keyword Plan historical metrics.
gads_last_request_idsGet last API request ID for Google Ads API support ticket
gads_set_customer_idSet client customer id in current R session
gads_set_login_customer_idSet manager customer id in current R session
gads_tokenProduce configured token
gads_userGet info on current user
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